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Courier Service
Easy, simple and reasonable door-to-door transportation to all over the world.

  1. Document Service
    This service is useful for sending business documents.
    Important business documents, contracts, book and printed materials can be transported door-to-door within the shortest time .

  2. Parcel Serviceďż˝
    • Easy and speedy your shipment transportation to all over the world.
    • We provide quick, safe and reliable door-to-door transportation of various shipment, such as product samples or mass volume large-sized merchandise.

Cargo Service
OCS also takes care of large cargo.
We accept all commercial cargo andheavy weight cargo. Any modes of special transportation such as consolidated cargo and also special export formality process (paperless) are available according to your needs.

Logistics Service

Advertising & Printing
OEC provides advertising flyers to be inserted in leading Japanese newspapers, such as satellite editions of Nikkei, Asahi and various newspapers imported from Japan.

Customer Service

Express Service

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  2. Track package
  3. Check transit time
  4. Check courier rate
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